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21 Clever Tricks Using Flex & Grid

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Frontend Masters’ “State of Frontend” survey found that 70% of developers consider Flexbox & Grid essential for front-end development.

As for the other 30%, maybe they’re still stuck in the Stone Age of web development.

Flexbox and grid are indeed very crucial skills to learn as a front-end developer.

But there’s a big difference between just learning their properties and using them smartly. The latter depends upon how many clever ways you know to use them.

That’s what this mini ebook will teach you.

It teaches you 21 clever tricks that you can do using flexbox and grid. Still, thinks it’ll not be valuable for you?

  • I only used real-world examples to explain everything (so that it’s fun to learn).
  • Each trick contains CodePen links (so that you can see the code in case of any doubt).
  • Explained everything step by step (so that you develop the approach to use it on your own).
  • Pasted code snippets right into the ebook.
  • Added images of the examples (to make it even more clear).

And the best part? It’s completely free! Simply click the “download now” button, and you’ll have it open in your browser within seconds.


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3 reviews for 21 Clever Tricks Using Flex & Grid

  1. Jesse Mwesigwa

    It’s a really resourceful e-book

  2. Maurice Stevens

    A nice and helpful book

  3. Samwel sumiyu

    It is helpful

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